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Magistrates have jurisdiction under the Marriage Act, Cap. 218 A, to conduct civil marriages.


Couples wishing to have their union solemnized in a civil ceremony before a Magistrate are required to first visit the Court Office in the Magisterial District in which the marriage is to be performed. [Follow this link for information on the location of the several Magisterial Districts and Court Offices.]

Staff at the Magistrate’s Court Office will conduct an interview with the couple and obtain relevant details. An official letter will be produced which must next be taken to the “Marriage Licence Section” of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jones Bldg, Webster Business Park, Wildey, St. Michael [Tel: 621-0227] where the marriage licence will be processed and issued.

Required Documentation:

The following documents must be presented at the “Marriage Licence Section”, Ministry of Home Affairs, along with the prescribed licence fees, to facilitate processing of the marriage licence:

1) An original or certified copy of the parties’ birth certificates or valid passports if the parties are non-resident;

2) Identification documents of the respective parties;

3) If either party was previously married and subsequently widowed, a certified copy of the marriage certificate and death certificate in respect of the deceased spouse.

4) If either party was divorced, an original or certified true copy of the Decree Absolute or Final Judgment. If the document is in a Foreign Language, the document must be translated and certified by a Notary Public.

Additional requirements:

Persons who have been granted Barbadian citizenship –  whether by descent or registration, immigrant status or permanent residence – are required to produce the original document issued by the Immigration Department of Barbados or the passport in which the relevant information has been stamped.

Non-nationals who have been granted work permits must produce the passport showing that a work permit was issued to them, or the relevant document issued by the Immigration Department. N.B.  A marriage licence cannot be issued for a date, which is beyond the expiry date of a visitor’s stay in Barbados.

[A] Prescribed Licence Fees: (payable to Ministry of Home Affairs)


Upon issuance of the marriage licence, the parties must then present the licence at the Court Office and pay the following fees and charges for solemnization of the civil marriage:

[B] Prescribed Court Fees and Magistrate’s Charges: (payable to the Court Office)

form fees
Dress Code for Civil marriages to be performed at the Court:
Parties should bear in mind that where the marriage is to be performed at the Court, they will be required to adhere to the Court’s Dress Code.