The Management Information Systems (M.I.S) & Records Management Units

The Management Information Systems (M.I.S) Unit is responsible for managing and maintaining the court technology and communication requirements of the judicial system. Services currently provided by the Unit include providing the internal customers with timely, effective and efficient support services; maintenance of all existing applications; database administration; deployment and support of computer hardware and software to the courts; maintenance of the ‘For-The-Record’ (FTR) software, the ‘Judicial Enforcement Management System’ (JEMS) software and the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) software, network, servers and system security to ensure robustness of all systems.

The MIS Unit provides:

  • Support for organizational objectives
  • Support to staff and internal users
  • Training, and
  • Protection and maintenance of the Department’s computer systems

The objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the use of case management software and introduce it to the Magistrate’s courts.
  • Provide court-recording systems to handle increased workloads and reduce delays.

The Records Management Unit:  The Records Management Unit provides records management services across the judicial system. It ensures that the judiciary’s records are properly created, maintained, appropriately stored and easily retrieved, thereby improving the administration of justice.

The Records Management Unit is also responsible for providing statistical data for the information of the Registrar, Chief Justice and Judicial Council. It is responsible for analysing vital statistics registrations and preparation of the Registration Office Annual Statistical Report.

Finally, the Unit provides website content management, data entry services and the processing of certificates and other documents required by  overseas applicants.

Key Personnel:

Name Position
Thompson, Marcia Systems Administrator
Hinds, Tonya IT Support Officer
Waternam, Jason IT Support Officer
Forde, Corey Audio Visual Officer
Hinkson-Nurse Audio Visual Officer
Hinds, Shirley Senior Clerk
Johnson, Dionne Satistical Assistant
Jemmott, Joy-anne Clerical Officer
Marshall, Ryan Clerical Officer
Belgrave, Patricia Data Entry Officer