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Welcome to the website of the Barbados Judicial System. The Judicature (as the judicial system is officially known) is established by s. 79C of the Constitution of Barbados and is comprised of a four-level court structure consisting of:

  1. The Caribbean Court of Justice established by the Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice to which Barbados is a party, and which was signed at Bridgetown, Barbados on 14th February, 2002;
  2. The Court of Appeal;
  3. The High Court; and
  4. The Magistrate’s Courts.

The Court of Appeal and the High Court are collectively referred to as “the Supreme Court”.

Barbados’ Judicial System is administered by the Chief Justice supported by the ‘Court Service” of the Registration Department, headed by the Registrar.

The Supreme Court of Judicature Act, Cap. 117A  provides for the establishment of a Judicial Council chaired by the Chief Justice. The membership of the Judicial Council comprises the Judges, the Solicitor General, a Magistrate appointed by the Governor General, the Registrar, the President of the Barbados Bar Association and representatives of the Barbados Bar Association and persons drawn from civil society.

The mandate of the Judicial Council includes the formulation of policy in relation to all matters affecting the performance of the courts; keeping under review matters of jurisdiction and procedure and preparation of annual budgets.

Mission Statement

  • To ensure that the administration of justice functions speedily, efficiently and effectively and provides reasonable access to justice for all persons irrespective of their means.
  • To ensure that the island’s most vital occurrences are recorded.
  • To provide essential services to the entire population as required by the Laws of Barbados.

Vision Statement

To create an environment in which the entire population is assured that their interests are carefully considered in matters that affect them and to provide a customer service that is world class.

The Judiciary of Barbados Sentencing Guidelines Project is now open for public consultation.

In Barbados, judges and magistrates are required to give reasons for the sentences they impose. Sentencing guidelines are intended to guide them in the process of determining and explaining sentences. Sentencing guidelines are also intended to achieve consistency of approach, but not uniformity of sentences.

The Sentencing Guidelines Committee has created draft guidelines for rape, death by dangerous driving and dishonesty offences which have now been made available to the general public and organizations working in the criminal justice system for comments. Sentencing guidelines are not just for judges, they are for every victim and witness of crime, every defendant, every prosecutor and defense attorney. Following the consultation, your comments will be given due consideration by the Committee and adjustments will be made if necessary.

The consultation will run for a two-week period beginning from today Monday, April 25 and concluding on Friday, May 6 and comments may be submitted to

Your participation and support is encouraged to ensure that we produce comprehensive guidelines which cater to needs of the Barbadian public.


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