Statutes Administered by the Records Branch

Registration Office Act, Cap. 33
Assistance in Recording Documents Order, S.I. 21/1979
Vital Statistics Registration Act, Cap. 192A
Vital Statistics Registration (Forms & Fees) Regulations, S.I. 88/1981
Change of Name Act, Cap. 212A
Change of Name Regulations, S.I. 67/1985
Marriage Act, Cap. 218A
Marriage(Forms & Fees) Regulations, S.I. 58/1979
Dental Registration Act, Cap. 367
Dental Registration Rules, S.I. 78/1973
Dental Technician Rules, S.I. 138/1976
Engineers Registration Act, Cap. 368B
Engineers Registration Regulations, S.I. 22/1977
Land Surveyors Act, Cap. 370
Land Surveyors’ Rules, S.I. 111/1985
Legal Profession Act, Cap. 370A
Legal Profession (Admission to Practice) Rules, S.I. 42/1999
Medical Registration Act, Cap.371A
Medical Registration Regulations, S.I. 170/1972
Paramedical Professions Registration Act, Cap. 372C
Paramedical Professions (Registration Fees) Rules, S.I. 20/1976
Profession, Trade and Business Registration Act, Cap. 373
Registered Sugar Factories Smoke Control Act, Cap. 355
Veterinary Surgeons Registration Act, Cap. 374
Barbados Citizenship Act, Cap. 186
Barbados Citizenship (Registration of Births & Deaths Abroad) Regulations, S.I. 62/1977