Counter Service

The staff who work at the front desk providing counter services within the Supreme Court Registry play an extremely critical role in supporting the work of the High Court and the Court of Appeal respectively.

Front desk staff deal directly with the litigants, attorneys-at-law, court clerks and other persons who attend at the Registry to file court documents or to make an enquiry. They are also responsible for assigning hearing dates to applications requiring a hearing before a Judge in chambers, a Master or Registrar.

Front desk staff also utilize the Department’s document management and calendaring software, namely, the Judicial Enforcement Management System (JEMS) – to assign file numbers and/or hearing dates to the numerous categories of Chamber applications, appeals and other documents which are filed at the Supreme Court Registry.

Urgent applications which require an immediate hearing before a Judge e.g. an urgent injunction or other urgent interim relief, cannot be assigned a hearing date at the counter. Such applications are presented to the Chief Justice who determines whether or not the application should be certified as urgent. If certified as urgent, the matter is then placed before the Duty Judge who is listed on the Roster to hear urgent applications for that week. The Duty Judge will then determine the day and time in that week when the urgent application will be heard.

Location of the Registries

  • Court of Appeal Registry – level 2, Barbados Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark, Bridgetown, Barbados.
  • High Court Registry – level 3, Barbados Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark, Bridgetown, Barbados.
  • Caribbean Court of Justice  Sub-Registry – level 3, Barbados Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark, Bridgetown, Barbados.