Customer Charter of the Records Branch

The Records Branch of the Registration Department is committed to providing the following service standards:

We will:

  • Issue copies of certificates within 12 hours;
  • When you fax or write we will reply within 7 working days;
  • Register the birth of your child and/or register the death of your loved one within 25 minutes;
  • Register a marriage within 10 minutes;
  • Correct errors on certificates within 25 minutes;
  • Amend birth records within 25 minutes;
  • Administer oaths and notarize documents within 10 minutes;
  • Issue you with a Notarial Certificate within 1 day;
  • Register your will for safekeeping within 5 minutes;
  • Issue certified copies of wills and recorded documents within 20 minutes;
  • Record a document within 1 day;
  • Register professional persons (initial registration) within 15 minutes;
  • Re-register professional persons and issue a certificate of registration (annual registration) within 1 day.