Structure and Organization

The Records Branch of the Registration Department falls under the overall responsibility of the Registrar of the Supreme Court. The Registrar is assisted by 2 Deputies Registrar, an Assistant Registrar and a dedicated complement of clerical and secretarial staff assigned to the Records Branch.

The Services offered by the Records Branch may be placed in the following broad categories:

Vital Records Registrations

  • Registering of Births & Stillbirths, Deaths and Marriages
  • Issuing certificates in respect of Births & Stillbirths, Deaths and Marriages
  • Correcting errors on certificates
  • Changing names on certificates
  • Amending birth records to include the father’s name.

Professional Registrations
These include the following:

  • Attorneys-at-law, Medical Practitioners, General Nurses & Midwives, Psychiatric Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Land Surveyors, Veterinary Surgeons, Real Estate Agents, Actuaries, Builders & Contractors, Electrical Wiremen, Para-Medical persons (e.g. Medical Laboratory Technicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Radiographers)

Registering of Marriage Officers

• Recording Documents
These include:

  • Affidavits, Foreign Certificates, Powers of Attorney and other deeds and documents not dealing with land.

Keeping of Wills of Living Persons for safety

Administering Oaths on Affidavits and Notarizing documents

The Records Branch of the Registration Department is physically situated on the ground floor of the Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark Road, Bridgetown.

Visitors to the building should take note that a Dress Code is in place and is strictly enforced. Please see the Dress Code link for more details.