Notarizing documents and Issuing Notarial Certificates

The Registrar of the Supreme Court, the two Deputy Registrars and the Assistant Registrar each perform duties ex officio as a Notary Public in and for Barbados.

As a Notary Public the registrars may administer oaths and affirmations and witness the execution of affidavits, statutory declarations and other documents requiring the signature of a notary. They may also witness and authenticate the execution of deeds and other documents and issue Notarial Certificates and provide notarized copies of grants of probate and letters of administration, wills, Court orders and other documents.

Persons desirous of having a document notarized are required to bring a $10.00 adhesive postage stamp which will be affixed to the document and cancelled by the registrar at the time of notarization.

What are the relevant fees for notarial acts?

The fee for affixing a notarial seal is BDS$20.00 for each notarial act;

The fee for marking each exhibit is BDS$5.00;

The fee for issuing a notarized Registrar’s Certificate is BDS$50.00.

Which other public officers perform notarial acts in Barbados?

The Registrar of Lands and the Registrar of Corporate Affairs & Intellectual Property respectively, are the other public officers who ex officio perform duties as Notaries Public in and for Barbados.