Getting Married and Registration of Marriages


The applicants must first make arrangements with the Marriage Officer or the Magistrate who is to perform the ceremony. [See the Civil Marriages before a Magistrate link on this website for information on civil marriages.]

The Marriage Officer or Clerk to the Magistrate will then provide the parties to the intended marriage with a letter to be presented by the applicants to the Ministry of Home Affairs when making an application for a marriage licence. 

Where are Marriage Licences obtained?

Marriage licences are obtained from the “Marriage Licence Section”, Ministry of Home Affairs, Jones Building, Webster’s Industrial Park, St. Michael

What Documents are required when applying for a Marriage Licence?

1) An original or certified copy of the applicants’ birth certificates or valid passports, if the parties are non-resident;

2) Identification documents of the applicants;

3) If either party was previously married and subsequently widowed, a certified copy of the marriage certificate and death certificate in respect of the deceased spouse;

4) If either party was divorced, an original or certified true copy of the Decree Absolute or Final Judgment. If the document is in a foreign language, the document must be translated and certified by a Notary Public.

What fees are payable for issuance of the Marriage Licence?

The following fees are payable at the Ministry of Home Affairs  for issuance of the marriage licence. 

Additional requirements:

Persons who have been granted Barbadian citizenship (whether by descent or registration), immigrant status or permanent residence, are required to produce the original document issued by the Immigration Department of Barbados or the passport in which the relevant information has been stamped.

Non-nationals who have been granted work permits must produce the passport showing that a work permit was issued to them, or the relevant document issued by the Immigration Department.

  1. B.A marriage licence cannot be issued for a date, which is beyond the expiry date of any visitor’s stay in Barbados.

Marriage of Minors:

Persons under age sixteen (16) years cannot be legally married in Barbados. For persons between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years, the consent of both parents must be obtained and both parents must be present at the time of application. Where such consent cannot be obtained, a Judge may, on application being made to the court, exercise discretion to dispense with such consent. 

Registration of Marriages

When should a Marriage be registered?
A marriage must be registered within the first ten (10) days of every month.

Where should a Marriage be registered?
All marriages are registered at the Registration Department, Level 1, Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark Road, Bridgetown

Who should register a Marriage?
It is the responsibility of the Marriage Officer or the Magistrate who performs the marriage to register that marriage.

What Documents are required?

  • Fully completed duplicate original marriage record – Marriage Card.

What information must be included in the marriage record?

  • Place of marriage
  • Date of marriage
  • Name and surname of the husband
  • Name and maiden name of the wife
  • Age of the husband
  • Age of the wife
  • Marital status of husband and wife
  • Addresses of husband and wife – present addresses (foreign addresses are not allowed)
  • Occupation of husband
  • Occupation of wife
  • Name and occupation of husband’s father
  • Name and occupation of wife’s father
  • Signatures of husband and wife
  • Signatures of witnesses
  • Signature of Marriage Officer or Magistrate.